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This is a fascinating CD, uncorrupted by hipness or gimmickry. (...) The maturity of the music-making demonstrates how far [Trio Appassionata] have come in six years and their unanimous approach to the repertoire... The trio plays the music with complete dedication and assurance... [In the Ives] Trio Appassionata is at once weirder and more controlled than the Beaux Arts Trio... The music-making [is] as impressive and dangerous as a granite cliff.

  1. -International Record Review Raymond S. Tuttle February 2015

"All the pieces on this disc have a sense of well wrought dialectic, each of the composers wanting us to listen to [a] carefully structured argument. All the works fit into an expressive arc, all are rewarding but require work from the listener. The performances from Trio Appassionata are exemplary."

- Planet Hugill

"Any chamber music recording that’s so forward-looking that the reward at the end is Ives’s Piano Trio deserves automatic respect."

- Gramophone

"The execution reflects the performers’ keen awareness of the rhetorical significance (...) attached to sonority, resulting in an account that encourages subsequent listening in greater detail."

- The Examiner